Monday, September 1, 2014

Nappy Bag ...New Winner & Non- Reply Bloggers

Last week I picked the winner for the Nappy Bag pattern...unfortunately she is a non-reply Blogger !!  Which means I have no way of getting hold of her..... :-(

...I can't reply to her comment ..she's a non-replyer
...I even tried leaving a message on her Google+ response
...and I posted a message on Facebook ( Sewing totes & bags group) ...nothing it is a week and I haven't heard back...I am sure she doesn't even know she won..pity!

So,  I have no choice but to pick a new winner....

The random thing picked ...lucky number 13 !!!
Congratulations Judith Clauss!! 


With the holidays coming up...there will be a lot of giveaways on the internet...since I would hate to see you missing them is a little info about Non-reply bloggers !
 If you like entering giveaways but have never could be that your a non-reply easy to fix...
Here is a good easy link to fixing your "non -reply Blogger" status...."Click here"
If you you wish to say a non-reply blogger then please always add your email to your comments when you enter giveaways...otherwise there is no way to notify you and you could be missing out on wins!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Smiley & Pattern sale !

 Can I change that wish to ... .."Your house will be cleaned !!
I don't mind a few UFO's but the threads and dust that is flying around this house is amazing!
Hubby has been home for 2 weeks and I can't get anything done!
Thank goodness tomorrow he goes back to work so I can get back to my sewing / computer schedule...I've missed you all!!
P.S. I just wanted to let you know one of my favorite bag designers "Christine" is having a Sunday only!!!!! Thats why I am sharing it with you now...I don't want you missing it !! I have my eye on Savannah, or Snazzy Slouch or maybe many pretty patterns..sorry...I got side tracked ....this is what she had posted on FB....
Who doesn't like something for FREE? LOL I know I do so I thought you would too! Sooo.... I am giving away a *FREE pattern with every purchase! Simply pop along to my shop here: 

Once you have made your purchase, simply email me christine@chriswdesigns with the name of your chosen pattern or enter the name in the comment section of your Paypal transaction and I will send it to you for FREE! 

Sunday Only Sales so be quick! *FREE pattern must be of equal or lesser value!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nappy Bag ..WINNER !!

First I would like to thank everyone for entering the giveaway and for leaving such lovely comments!!...It warmed my heart that you all liked my "Man Bag"
 .....unfortunately my "man" thinks its to round to be a man bag!  That goes to show you what he knows.....not much!! LOL

I used that random number thing again (because I don't know how to do that fancy Giveaway widget)....and it picked number ......

Congratulations ........Gina Wamsley  !!!!!!
If you do make the bag, be sure to send me a picture!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Smiley....

Thank goodness for rainy Sunday afternoon...Bra free time !! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nappy Bag.... & Giveaway!

Samantha of At Home with Mrs.H. is expecting a what kind of bag did she design next...a Nappy Bag of course!!
When Samantha asked me about testing the pattern I first said no...I don't need a nappy bag and most of my customers are past the baby stage.....but then I got to thinking....who say it has to be a Nappy Bag....the design of the bag is great.. a few changes ....something with red polka dots maybe ??

As I was trying to decide which fabrics to use...Irmgard from NaehstuebchenUntermDach sent me some fabrics to play with....Perfect timing...the red Polka dots were tossed aside and I decided to turn the Nappy Bag into a Unisex / Male weekend bag...
I took the World map fabric...combined it with a yummy chocolate brown pleater and a new bag was born!!!
The front has a large flap pocket...perfect for your iPad...
   The back side has a large drop in pocket and inside that pocket is a hidden zipper...

Normally the sides have gathered pockets for baby bottles...but I left them off...I figured a man would prefer a slick smooth bag.
I added a two way zipper...
 On the inside I omitted all of the gathered pockets and just added simple pockets...more masculine.
This bag is surprisingly large and can hold tons of stuff...even Nappies if you like ! 

This goes to show you that changing the fabric can totally change the pattern...from Nappy to weekend bag....

Now ...who wants to win the pattern??!!!
......just leave a comment telling me if you'd make it a nappy bag or break the rules like I did and your name will be entered in the Giveaway! 
The lucky winner will be picked on Monday August 25th, 2014 !

If you can't wait that long to get the pattern..Samantha is offering all my friends / readers a 10% discount on any purchase from her store, patterns & hardware...just use the code ATHOMEWITHMRSH10 for the discount!

P.S...I just saw that Maria of MiaCreates is also having a Giveaway on the sure to pop over and enter and increase your chances of winning !

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Smiley.....

P.S: I can't believe I have only posted once this week....Don't want you thinking I am laying in the sun drinking Pina Coladas..I have been busy sewing, testing patterns and now Hubby has vacation...which means even less computer time but I will try and post some sneak peaks next week ....Happy Sewing !!


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