Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I can't believe it's October already. Where did the summer go?
I guess it is true that time does go by faster as you get older.!!
I love summer except for those hot hot days, but I do look forward to fall and winter. 
I love how the days get cooler, how the leaves change color. 
How to garden work comes to an end.
I love wearing thick fluffy socks and flannel pajamas 
.....and hot chocolates by the fire.
I love knowing that soon I'll be decorating the house in Christmasy colors.
I love going to the Christmas markets, drinking hot punches, baking Christmas cookies and singing "fa la la" to my hearts content!
Then there's the promise of fresh New Year.

But before I get ahead of myself ...I have to dig out a few fall decorations and then look for those fluffy thick socks.

Hello October!!! ...You could of warned me you were coming...I would of baked a cake!!

Happy Sewing!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Purse Palozza 2015 ...

I was thrilled when Sara of Sew Sweetness asked me again this year to be part of the Purse Palozza 2015
Of course I could not say no....but then came the hard part ...picking a pattern to sew & review.!!??
Since I test for so many great designers...I decided not to pick one of their patterns( how do I pick a favorite from your favorites??) So I went on the hunt for a designer I hadn't sewn ( not so easy!) but I found one...
........you'll have to come back on the 21st of October to read all about it ..
......in the meantime .....
......be sure to check out the other pattern reviews!! 
There are going to be some beauties!!

The following is the schedule of the bag pattern reviews. 
Oct 5 – Fabric Mutt – Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch from Patchwork Please!
           W.D. Handbags – Blue Calla Creations Hydrangea Bag
Oct 6 – Rock Baby Scissors – Sew Sweetness Rockstar Bag
           Raspberry Sunshine – Swoon Donna
Oct 7 – Teresa L. – Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H. Nappy Bag
           Jaime S. – Swoon Pearl
Oct 8 – I’ve Got a Notion – Nicole Mallalieu ‘The Better Bag Maker’
           Norma’s Bag Boutique – Chris W. Designs Bella Bag
Oct 9 – Crafty Planner – Noodlehead Super Tote
           Melisa Jane Handmade – Two Pretty Poppets Goin’ Uptown Tote
Oct 12 – Lindsay Sews – On the Go Bags
             The Nosy Pepper – Swoon Bonnie Bag
Oct 13 – Tinker Frog – Amanda Nyberg Scrap Happy Pouch
              Prairie Grass Studios – Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H. Carpet Bag
Oct 14 – Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H. – Sew Sweetness Creative Maker Supply Case
              Chloe – Straight Stitch Society Feed the Animals Purses
Oct 15 – SB Stitching – 3-1 Convertible Backpack from A Bag for All Reasons
             Hip to Be a Square – Lazy Girl Designs Suzi Purse Insert
Oct 16 – A Quilter’s Table – Emmaline Bag
             Quilts My Way – Sew Sweetness Tudor Bag
Oct 19 – Flying Blind… – S.O.T.A.K. Lola Pouch
             Olivia Jane Handcrafted – Anna Maria Horner Art Student Bag
Oct 20 – Love You Sew – Noodlehead Cargo Duffle
             Terry – Serendipity Studio Tulip Tote
Oct 21 – Moments… –TBA
             Charm About You – Sharon Holland Market Bag
Oct 22 – The Sewing Loft – TBD
             The Hungry Hippie – Sew Sweetness Aragon Bag
Oct 23 – Swoodson Says – Sew Liberated Bohemian Carpet Bag
             This Crafty Fox – Noodlehead Caravan Tote
Oct 26 – Mommy’s Naptime – TBD
             Cloth Albatross – Noodlehead Rainbow Clutch
Oct 27 – Happy Okapi – Blue Calla Tansy Tote
             Darcie Mair – Sew Sweetness Soda Pop Bag
Oct 28 – Rebel and Malice – Swoon Nora Doctor Bag
             Very Kerry Berry – Noodlehead Double-Zip Wallet
Oct 29 – My Crafty Crap – Swoon Sheena
             Sovanisa – Swoon Charlotte
Oct 30 – S.O.T.A.K. Handmade – Handbag Heaven Classix Nouveau Pyramid Bag
             sewVery – Green Bee Scoop Tote
             Ree – Handmade with Seria Purse

The best part is,  there will be prizes every week!! 
You can find all the info on Sara's Sew Sweetness Blog !

Happy Sewing !

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Friday, October 2, 2015

Barrelette Clutch....

today I had planned on blogging about something else but since the Barrelette Clutch is just released ...I figure I'd better tell you about it instead ...because the pattern is on sale on Etsy and Craftsy for $5 this weekend only, then up to $8 on Monday. 
** European readers...buy via Craftsy...you save the crazy new EU taxes !.....but I didn't tell you that !! LOL

This is the Barrelette Clutch ...it comes in 3 variations...plain, gathered or with a bow.
It is 10.5 " x 4" x 2.5"  ( 27cm x 10 cm 7cm)
The nice thing is you only need 2 fabrics ( and not much of it) ...a magnet or turn lock...some Peltex ( Decovil) ..viola !

I decided to make the gathered version.
I had this soft ultra suede fabric ( used for a blouse I think ?? ) ...I laid it on a piece of H200 interfacing...gathered ( scrunched it up a bit) Ironed it on to the interfacing...viola a gathered ultra suede fabric was created ! Super easy & my fabric already had the first interfacing attached.
But best of all I think it makes the clutch extra special....

You can add a tab for a wrist strap if you prefer but i decided on a chain strap version...( *** tip...I picked up a meter of chain from the hardware store for 2€...added 2 snaps to the ends...viola a strap ...I can also use it on other clutches ...clip on...clip off !)
On the sides you can see I left the ultra suede smooth not gathered.

 Since this is a thin clutch I didn't wish to add a pocket but you could if you like ! There is plenty of room for you lipstick & cell phone ...what more does girl need for a dinner out ?? 
Wouldn't this clutch look lovely in the a deep red or black of the holidays??

Don't forget to grab a copy at Etsy or Crafty and also be sure to check out the other 'testers' versions

Happy Sewing 
** I'm linking up with TT - Taschen & Taeschchen

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Smiley....

I wish you this kind of a Sunday!! 

Happy Sewing !!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

50 Shades of purple...

at least thats what the ladies at ChrisWDesigns Facebook page are calling this bag!
I have been wanting to make this bag for a while but could never decide on what color...then one day it hit me...go wild...purple faux leather!! ....I didn't have a purple bag yet...it was time!

I had two purple faux leather so I decided to use the faux Ostrich for the front pocket & the plain one of the rest....50 shades of purple was born ! Actually it is only 4 but who am I to argue with a FB group ??

 The front & back both have big pockets 
 .... the interior has a divider pocket & slip pockets on each side....I made them out of the faux leather from the exterior......and polka dot lining for fun!
No 50 shades of purple would be complete with out some rivets....
 ...and a few studs ! 
At first I was worried it might be hard to sew because of all the faux leather but to my surprise it was easier then expected. As always Christine's patterns are so loaded with instructions & pictures that anyone could sew them ...especially if they read (which I forget to do sometimes and have to ask her stupid questions !LOL)
This was fun bag to sew...other then the rivets giving me trouble ( rivets hate me) I am pleased with the outcome.

The pattern is actually called Snazzy Slouch..by ChrisWDesigns
This is the picture I posted on the FB group that got everyone calling it 50 shades of purple...they thought I was sewing a corset...no its this bag!
from that to this......
If you'd like to make your own Snazzy Slouch...you can get the pattern *HERE
Happy Sewing,
***I'm Linking up with creadienstag TT- Taschen und Taeschschen
  • Faux leathers for exteriors 
  • No interfacing
  • 5mm headliner only on the bottom half of the bag, the top gusset is suppose to stay "slouchy"...hence the name! 
  • cotton interior 


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