Monday, July 21, 2014

Stair Basket Sew Along...Day 5

.....while everyone else is putting their basket together ( out of plastic canvas)...I can take the day off since I have already built my basket.....
On the weekend I did manage to catch up a bit...

I would NOT recommend lining the upper edge of the pockets with pleater ( like I did) ...what a pain in the butt! ....actually sewing was easy...gathering up the elastic tunnel was the pain....pleather was to thick.
Everything else went together without a hitch...except the one corner ( inner one gave me fits.) After ripping it numerous times ( a lot) I finally figured out that its was easier to sew it if you clipped the seam allowance almost to the point...thus allowing you to get an almost straight line...that was way easier to sew then a crazy L shape.

The lining went together really quickly ( compared to the outer shell)...I even added a pleather trim to the top of the outer shell...we'll see if this was a good idea.
Now I have to figure out how to put the two the instructions it is basted to the plastic canvas frame is out of wood and I don't have hand sewing needles that go through 3mm wood....time for the thinking cap...that or a lot of hand sewing!!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Smiley....

What were you thinking ???

Friday, July 18, 2014

Stair Basket SAL , day 3 & 4....

I can't believe Sarah posted day #4 already and I just picked out my fabrics!!

Boy am I does this happen??
First laundry got in the way ( we needed undies)
Then I had errands to do and visit friends for coffee....
Today it is hot as heck ...33°C already!!
I think I'll grab my fabrics and head to the "Summer Sewing Room"...its cool down there and I can cut in comfort.

I ment to show you that my Hubby hung the rod up in my SS room, so now I can hang quilts up and change them with the season...or my mood !
 I also put up another wall tattoo...
Now I am off to "seize the day"!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stair Basket Sew Along ...Day 2

today I should have all my fabrics cut out and ready for sewing. I haven't even picked them out yet!!
Then we are to sew our handles and start on the sides....eeek...I haven't done that either !!

All of this makes sense to me but since I am not totally following Sarahs instructions ( no plastic canvas) today was spent cutting the pieces out of wood...I had to make the box first to make sure the idea would work...and it did!

I bought ( cheap) thin 3mm paneling ( the kind thats used on the back of furniture).... I found a couple  of "rest" pieces in the leftover bin at the hardware store ( only 55 cents each..yepeee...even new it is cheap )
I drew the pieces out with the measurements Sarah says in the pattern...  minus 1/4"...I did this on purpose to accommodate the 3mm thickness of the wood...don't want the fabric later being to small.

I asked my Hubby to cut out the pieces...of course we didn't have the right tool so I had to order one (he needed an excuse to get this little saw and I gave it to him).... arrived today and he cut everything in a few minutes..its amazing what you can do with the right tools
Now came my part...tapeing it together.
Thank goodness for Duct tape !!
I followed the directions in the pattern ....which piece goes where....and viola!! 
My step basket shell is done!!
It is sturdy as heck!!
And was easier to do then I thought! 

Now I have to pick out my fabrics...and catch up the sewing for day 3.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Stair Basket Sew Along....

Sarah of CozyNest Designs is having a SewAlong for her Stair Basket pattern.
I had seen this pattern a while ago and had wanted to make it is as good of a time as any... I have decided to Sew Along with Sarah ...or at least try to ! 
Since plastic canvas ( the basis of the basket) if difficult to get here, I have decide to try and make it with very thin wood...the kind that comes on the back of Ikea furniture. I bought a piece at our local hardware store ...Hubby has to cut it for me and then we'll see how it works out.

So if you need a basket for on you collect all the things that need to go up...this is the perfect time to sew along!!

Hope you join me !!

P.S: Sarah has the pattern on sale ( only $5.00 !!)  during this SewAlong !!  

Germany finally did it!!

After 24 years the german soccer team finally won the WM!!
All I can say is...its about time!! 

A big congratulations to the team!!!
Great job boys!

...but a special shout out, goes to our Chancellor Angela Merkel....for having the coolest bag at the WM!!

Thats what I call a fan!!!

P.S: if my blog keeps changes over the next few days its because I am playing around with it  :-)


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