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Monday, June 22, 2015

Sharona Hobo Bag...

I  love the designs Maria of Delinda Boutique comes up with ...the Sharona Hobo Bag is no exception.

When I saw the pattern, I knew which fabric I wanted to use...I had this rust colored upholstery suede I was dieing to try...the only problem was I didn't have a print to go with it ..then I found this giraffe  fabric in my stash ( not my usually fabric)  & knew it would be perfect for a girlfriend that is an Africa fan...a new bag was born!
I really like that the front has a BIG pocket...
 I also love how the gusset has a squared off look...originally I wanted to make the gusset in faux leather but in my euphoria of cutting, I forgot!!! the bag is made all in one fabric. Which I think also looks good.

  The back has a zipper pocket...I think it looks so classy!
 The inside also has a few pockets ( which a girl can never have enough of) The pattern has a slip pocket & a zipper pocket on the inside....I left off the zipper pocket & instead used the pattern piece from the exterior pocket & added it to the interior...divided it into a couple of sections ( for iPad, pen & anything else she might need?) viola tons of pockets!!
The only other change I made was I added 2" to the shoulder girlfriend has " healthy breast" so she needs longer straps ! 

When Maria ask me to test the pattern she said it was a quick sew...I didn't believe her since I sew slow...but I have to admit, it was a quick sew. The pattern is well written with every step explained ....TONS of pictures!! A beginner would have no problem sewing this bag!! 
Even though this is an easy bag to sew  I love the classic simple look. I can see this bag is all kinds of colors & a great showcase for pretty big bold prints on the pocket or machine embroidery...tons of possibilities!

***The bag is 14 inches (36 cm) across the widest part, 13 inches (33 cm) across the narrowest part, 3 1/2 inches (9 cm) deep and 10 1/2 inches (27 cm) high*** ..a good size bag!!

If you would like to make your own Sharona Hobo can find the pattern ...**HERE** sure to check out the other testers version! 

Happy Sewing !
P.S.I didn't use any batting or headliner since the faux suede was thick enough.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Smiley...

With Summer vacations upon us...I thought this was perfect...
Gotta love the Dutch for their honesty ! LOL

Happy Sewing 

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Varuna Bag...

is the newest pattern by Sydney of Cloudsplitter Designs.
When Sydney had a callout for testers I applied because when I saw the bag I knew right away what fabric I would use... I had just gotten this turquoise faux leather and I thought
 it would be perfect to  show off the pleats. I think it does that!?.
The bag is a good size ( 13" x 11" x 3" )

The back has a nice divided pocket.

The inside it filled with pockets..I love pocket dividers ( these are really easy to do !)

....the top has a recessed zipper so nothing falls out.
The bag goes together much easier & faster then I expected. The instructions are filled with pictures & well written...the pattern is rated Intermediate...which I find is correct ( if you have made a few bags and are not afraid of zippers you would have no trouble ..a very confident beginner wouldn't have a problem! )
If you like the is a great time to grab the pattern ..
Sydney is having a 50% off sale on the pattern for hurry up an get your won't regret it !!

Happy Sewing !

....I used  faux leather for the exterior.
...cotton for the interior and no batting of any sort. 
...I did add a few rivets for "bling -bling " 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Penny Inn...

is not a lovely Bed & Breakfast in England or Australia but Junes's Bag of the Month pattern.
Christine of ChrisWDesigns made sure the BOM ended with a bang!!
and...this pattern is a banger !!

Technically its not a bag or purse but a Wallet !...but one heck of a wallet !!
This wallet / clutch is perfect... holds your cell phone
..more credit cards then I need 
and if we had let Christine have her way, it would also hold the kitchen sink !!!

As always, when I test a pattern for Christine, she says NOT to use our good fabrics ...and as always, I don't listen to her...since I know its going to turn out great.
I have had this lovely butter soft faux leather that I had been dieing to make something with and this wallet seemed perfect for it. I am so glad I didn't listen to Christine & used my good fabrics.....
The back has a couple small D-Rings so you can attach a cross body strap or a wrist strap.
When you first open the wallet this is what you see...tons of pockets!!
There are two zippered pockets in the middle for cash & one for change.
...slots for our credit cards & another pocket for your cell phone
...if that isn't the snap closure...more pockets / slots  (The one pocket is a Supplement pattern that Christine will be offering later on her FB page) I decided to make it since I don't have that many credits cards and didn't need a lot of slots.
the snap pocket has a couple slots & a pocket inside ...

we're not done yet...another zippered pocket & more card slots  ( for the cards you use everyday) & an ID slot
All of this is wrapped up in this beautiful exterior...
Don't you just love the bling bling of the metal corners!?
Now that I have flooded you with comes some of the technical stuff...
Approx. size when closed and empty: W 21cm X 11cm X D 4cm (W 8 ¼” X H 4 3/8” X D 1 ½”)
I used Faux Leather for the exterior, Cotton of the interior,  Decovil for the stabilizer ( I didn't want to use it but Christine said to give it a try and I am glad I listened to her since I really like how it feels.)
***I am use to Christines intensive, millions of pictures, no detail left unturned,  type of patterns and I can tell you when I saw the 100 page pattern, I thought ...Christine you can't scare me that easy!. Yes, the test version was 100 pages !...but don't panic is 90 pages now!! Totally manageable!! ***

I won't try & tell you that this as an easy is not ..this is an Advanced pattern.
It may be overwhelming at first BUT if you "read" ( which sometimes I forget to do ) and follow the steps in order ( which I also don't always do) will end up with a fabulous wallet ...which I think I did?!
Slow & steady wins this race...and when all else fails...use the hammer!!
Yes, I used this hammer on a few of the side seems since they were so thick ( due to the faux leather & suede) a few smacks & they flattened right out !
You know the saying...
...Walk softly & carry a big stick...
.....well, I believe in .....
....Walk softly & carry a big Hammer!! 

If you would love to make your own Penny Inn still have time to join the Bag of the Month club ( you'll get all the patterns right away) Or you have to wait till July 1st then all the patterns will be available from each designer!
I can't even tell you how much I love this wallet! 
It is so perfect !! 
I love the fabrics...I love the style ...I love all the pockets & compartments...I love the metal corners ...I just love it!!!!
Maybe Christine should of called it the Love wallet ??  
What do you think ??
I'll give you a penny for your thoughts!!

Happy Sewing!

P.S: I am linking up with creadienstag #178 & TT- Taschen und Täschchen 


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