Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A special bag...

my little sister was celebrating her 50th Birthday and I wanted to give her something special...but what ??
After pondering numerous finally came to me...a bag!! What else ??!!!
Not any bag but a custom made bag to carry her Henna supplies in.
My sister does Hennas...I make bags....I can't have her carrying her supplies in a plastic grocery bag ...can I ?? way !!

**I want it noted that this is the first bag I have designed myself ...there is no pattern...this was a work in process. So please don't look to close for the mistakes ...they are there...( there was no time to make a tester so this was a sewing, learning, creating process.....but I think it turned out quite well!)
The bag is made of leathers, suede, taffeta and cotton ( blood , sweat & tears !)
I originally wanted to machine embroider a Henna design on the front of the bag but when I came across these gorgeous ladies designs by Kreations by Kara ...I just knew I would have to use them...
 This is the back of the bag...a large pocket for her notebook... 
 My sister thought it would be great if the bag / tote could open flat so that she could get her supplies out easily...
 But I was concerned things could fall out if the bag didn't have I had to get it is with sides.... is it open flat...I think I solved the problem well...this is not recommend for the weak at heart is loaded with tons of pockets to hold all her supplies.
I decided to put the henna embroidery designs on the inside ... view of the insides....
I even put some feet on the bag..don't want the leather sitting on the ground

 ...keeping to a bit of tradition...I decide to use blue polka dots in the lining of the pockets.
Since I had an embroidery design left over...I decided to make a little pouch for any extra supplies...
Every woman loves a little bling-bling on her I had to add a little to the bag....

Now that you have seen the finished bag...I will bring you to the beginning, where it all started....
here is the picture my sister sent me of what her bag should look like ...
...and the supplies that had to fit in ....
Here are my drawn patterns...with notes and my attempt to attache a zipper on the side of a bag.....this cost me a few choice words!
 ...playing with the layout....
then started the fun part...sewing !!
For the most part it went well...the important thing is that I finished it and my sister loves it !

Hope you liked my first creation...It was a real learning process for me ...I will leave the designing to others and stick to testing patterns...I get more sleep that way! 
Happy 50th Birthday Peanut !! 
P.S. ...she sent me pictures of it filled...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Smiley.....

 I bet I am not alone with this thought !

Friday, September 12, 2014

Rockstar Bag...

when I was a teen I dreamt of being a rockstar ...Tina Turner move over!! just have her scratchy voice ! LOL

My Rock & Roll days may be looong gone but a girl can still pretend...and with this cool Rockstar bag that Sara of Sew Sweetness designed, it is easy to go back in time...
Once again I had the pleasure of testing the pattern for is my I a Rockstar or what ??!!!
 I saw this fabric and I just knew I had to use it for this bag...but I opted out on adding the rivets to the flap pocket on the front.. Instead I had to torture myself with fussy cutting...but I think it was worth it...I like the outcome.

The bag is a nice size (9 1/2" long X 10" tall X 7" deep) with a detachable strap.
I love the added piping on the sides...Sara had an interesting way of attaching the piping but I have to admit I still have my troubles with piping... I love the look of it but it isn't my best friend yet...but I am practicing !
I used pleather for the straps & handles...pleather is my gives my no troubles !...most of the time.
I even added some Hubby asked what I was hammer at 2 in the morning ?? ..I had a deadline to meet! Quiet was not an option !
The other fabric is Deco fabric, the lining is cotton from my favorite Swedish store and I used 5mm headliner...I found it gave the bag good stand !

This is my my version of a Rockstar bag for the over 50's crowd !!
( I had to throw in some red polka dots for you!!)
If you want to also be a Rockstar or know someone that can find the pattern here....
Be sure to check out the other testers cool versions...I love Sylvias red version...why didn't I think of that ??

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gizmo Garage

Once again I had the pleasure of testing a pattern of Christine of ChrisWDesigns. This time it was a laptop bag...actually for all the name fits it perfectly.....

Here is my version of the Gizmo Garage.....
I used denim and cotton...and for the first time 5mm headliner for the batting sewed like a charm and gave the bag the padding it needs to protect all of my precious electric devices.

As always, Christines pattern is filled with lot of pockets and extra little details...due to the well written instructions,  it is easy to sew....the front pockets are perfect for your cell phone, mouse, charger, cables ...anything else you may need....
The inside holds only your laptop so that nothing can scratch it....
I made the Small 13" Macbook Air fits in there perfectly....
The back has any extra iPad ( tablet) pocket...and looks really cool
The adjustable straps are nice thick ones ....
The only thing I did different, was I didn't use a hook & D ring for the closure...( didn't have a long hook) so I went with the thumb catch. This was tricky to install because of all the thick fabrics...(not recommended of the weak at heart) 
I also added a flat piping ( don't know what it is called in english!?) needed a little more red! 
This bag looks different then your usually Laptop bag, since Christine found it was easier to pull a laptop out long ways then side ways..the reason of the long design.
Of all the bags I have sewn to date, my Hubby likes this one best....he said thats a "cool" bag ...I'm not surprised an IT guy would love a Gizmo bag!  

The pattern comes in 3 sizes ( so you get a lot bang for your buck)  ...if you want to make your own "cool" Gizmo can find the pattern here...great for a christmas gift ! sure to check out all the other testers "cool" versions of the!
Happy Sewing!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Smiley.....

I just got back from a wonderful quilting weekend with the girls and I realized ...its Sunday...time for  smiley...and then some much needed sleep!!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Pretty in Pink pattern!

The week has flown by and I had wanted  to share all kinds of stuff with you.

Let start with a free pattern by Swoon Sewing Patterns. This designer Alicia is new to me. I find her patterns real the retro style.
She even has a subscription where you get all her patterns plus every month she comes out with a new one that you also get....great deal for a bag collector !

Since I like "Free"...I decided to try the free Ethel pattern ..I am calling her Pretty in Pink!
...You wouldn't believe it but I only had a little piece of fabric ( it was a scrap from England) ...and I thought the flower would be perfect for the front.
....since I didn't have enough fabric for the whole bag... I combined it with some pink Pleather....
The back got the bird...
and the inside got pink polka dots !! 
Isn't she pretty in Pink???
The pattern is really easy...  I personally prefer photos instead of drawings in my instructions ...I am just to lazy to read and like to look at pictures to know what to do next.....but the pattern is easy to understand and sews up quickly!  
The only changes I made...are, I added a magnet to the top, lengthened the handles a bit and added a pocket to the inside. It was also my first time sewing with headliner...worked great !

Now I have to finished packing...I am off to a sewing weekend ...yepee!!!
....See you Monday...maybe you'll have your own Ethel sewn by then !


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