Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Convertible Bag ...

...March's Bag of the Month ...is finally finished !
As you know I forgot to attach the strap to the bag....that is what happens when you decide to change the pattern ( I left out the taps & D-Rings for the strap because I didn't have any in gold to match the thumb clasp and this fabric needed a gold thumb catch)
So I decided to add a little "pfiff" to the straps by making them two tone and setting them simply into the sides...its a pity the pictures don't show the shiny bronze color of the fabric. It is the same one as one the frone pocket.
 The bag has a nice big front pocket that you can drop your cell phone or keys in for quick access.
Normally the back also has a zippered pocket but I decide for this bag not to include it as I wanted a simple brown bag ....
No inside would be complete without a couple of pockets and polka dots....surprise...no red!
I will definitely be making this bag again...maybe in denim??..this would make a great everyday bag...not to big that I end up carrying everything in it but big enough for my necessaries. Next time I will make it like Samantha wrote the pattern ...with all the hardware and pockets....you can see the testers pictures here!

I hope my hardware order shows up today...then maybe I can start on Februarys & Aprils Bag of the month patterns.?!
P.S. This was my first time ever installing a thumb catch...I did hold my breath putting it in but it turned out to be easier then I thought.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mischief Muse.....

over the weekend we had wonderful weather ...spring has arrived !!

My Hubby & I put on shorts and made ourself comfy in the garden and enjoyed the warm weather....

.....we tried few new cold beers...( these were tasty !)
 ...we fired up the grill....with steaks & sausages
...anything to try and tempt my Muse to come home...(I have been doing some sewing but its not the same without my Muse...she inspired me, she motivated me, she kept me up at night! I need her !)

...the next day we even tried grilling spare ribs....( my favorite)
....nothing seemed to work.

.....but then late in the evening I had the feeling she was there...so off to my sewing room I went and started to sew March's " Bag of the Month Bag" ...the Convertible Bag ....I sewed and sewed .... I was happy....until I was about to do my finally topstitching ...then I realized something was wrong!!!

Can you see whats wrong with this bag ????

It has no handles ...no strap!!!! How am I to carry it !!!
Looks like my Muse was being mischief and forgot to remind me to add the strap !!! grrrrrr......

Back to my sewing machine...maybe its a good thing if my Muse stays away...I'll have less ripping to do !

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bye Bye Love Bag....

Even thought my Muse is still missing I managed to sew my "Bye Bye Love Bag".
When the Bag of the Month Club started in January, I was so excited ( I still am) I just never thought I would get so far behind !!
Finally ...here is Januarys Bag....the pattern was designed by Sara of Sew Sweetness.
I figured the striped linen fabric that I picked up at Irmgards shop a couple of weeks ago would be perfect for this pattern. I also used Pleather for the accent parts and handles.

The bag has lots of pockets...the front has two large pockets that normally have magnet closures but I decided to use Velcro instead ( my magnet order hasn't arrived yet !)

The back of the bag also has a zippered pocket...it is big enough to almost fit my iPad!
  Of course there are more pockets inside...you knew there would be some red somewhere ! As you can see here, this is big bag !....its 13" wide X 14 " tall and 5.5" deep !
It will easily hold a laptop ( or two!!)
 ...and one of the pockets does fit my iPad ! I added a snap for when I am not using it for an iPad.
 I am pleased with how the bag turned out...the pattern was easy to follow with lots of pictures and instructions...even setting the zipper wasn't a problem.
 I thought my machine might have a problem sewing through 4 layers of pleather for the handles but once I put in a #100 Jean needle it was no problem. The right needle makes a difference!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Katja's iPad....

Since my Muse is still missing... I hope she comes home tonight ...it is suppose to rain and I would hate for her to get all wet and be grumpy... besides my Hubby has to work tomorrow which means I can sew all day.....I really need her by then!!

In the mean time I will show you another birthday gift I made in February....

You may remember that awhile ago I had a Giveaway for an iPad cover ..... my friend Katja left the comment that if she won I would have to give her an iPad to go with the cover since she didn't have one....I knew right away what I would make her for her birthday gift....

I made her a cover for " iPad wanna be's" 
.... I made the cover smaller then the original iPad cover so it would fit an A5 notepad...
I printed a picture of a iPad and placed it on top.....an iPad wanna be !
I even added alittle "bling bling" 

I would of loved to have given her a real iPad but I haven't picked the right 6 numbers in the Lottery yet !  
Maybe next birthday Katja ???

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gaby's Gift....

Since today is suppose to be a 20° sunny day...so I am off to the garden to look for my muse...I am sure she is hiding out there among the flowers
.....before she went missing.... I managed to sew a few birthday gifts for some friends....here is the first one.

You may recognize this pouch ...I had made it for one of our nieces at Christmas but if the truth be told...when I first saw the fabric, I right away thought of my friend Gaby A ...she loves wild bold colors ! It cried her name!

So for her birthday I had to make the pouch for her too...after all, the fabric was bought with her in mind! I am happy to say she loved it !

The cosmetic pouch is a large version of the Susie pouch ( approx 9" x 12")
 The little pouch is the Pleated Pouch pattern by Keylou Patterns . I sewed it a bit different since trying to turn pleather & vinyl inside out is a nightmare ...I just sewed it without turning and zigzaged the edge to make it look pretty.

Now Gaby is ready for our next sewing weekend ! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where is she???.......

my Muse....my Inspiration...my Motivation....my Up & Go!
Did I lose her in the garden..or is she off frolicking somewhere else??

I have to find her...I have all kinds of lovely new fabrics, that are dyeing to be used !

I picked these up last weekend at Irmgards Open House ...Naehstuebchenunterdach

and these at the Stoff & Tuch Markt this weekend
All these lovely colors & fabrics and I can't find my Muse!!!
If you see her frolicking around...please send her back to me...I desperately need her!!

Helplessly Unmotivated in Weiterstadt !!

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