Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Giveaway time…… !!!

You may remember me telling you that I tested a purse pattern for Mrs. H but couldn’t show you it till I got the OK !

Well… I got the OK  !

Let me present …. “Stella Pleated Purse “

The Stella Pleated Handbag 1

The Stella Pleated Handbag 4

The Stella Pleated Handbag 3

The Stella Pleated Handbag 5

The pattern was easy to sew…got it done in the day. Its not a big purse like I am use to schlepping around but it is perfect for your wallet, Kleenex, keys, etc.. I made the strap adjustable (optional) since I figured it was the perfect size when I just needed to take a few things with me and not the kitchen sink…great for quilt shows…. I can swing it over my body and have my hands free for shopping !

If you find this purse as cute as I do and would love to get the pattern….. you have two options….

1…..You can buy one at Mrs.H. Etsy Shop 


2….you can leave a comment here and I will toss your name into the hat to win a free pattern !!!!

Tell me what color you would make the purse in ???

****Bonus points…if you blog about this giveaway I will toss your name into the hat again …so tell your friends *****

…..on Monday 19th of November I will pick a name and you will receive the pattern…its an eBook so its instant delivery …no waiting for the mailman !!

StellaPleatedBag Cover

Good Luck !



P.S. If you want to increase your chances of winning the pattern…pop over to Maria or  Dee Blogs…they also are giving away a free pattern !!!!!


  1. Oh I would love to win that pattern - think I would make the purse in lilac

  2. I can't make the purse by myselfe, but i would love the patern.



  3. Yes, I will :o) .... guess my color would be blue or black or .... I don´t know it now ..... and yes, I will tell about your great giveaway on my blog :o)

  4. Blau oder schwarz würde mir auch gefallen, ich kann mir aber auch olivgrün mit einem schönen gemusterten Stoff vorstellen.
    Das Muster möchte ich gern gewinnen!

  5. Huhu liz, ich finde die tasche toll! Bitte zieh meinen namen :p lieben gruss aus hamburg mara

  6. Oh I am not sure the exact colors I would make it in, but I know it would be in batiks! I think I would add an applique or embroider something by hand to the flap too.

  7. Dear Liz,
    a very nice purse and my colours would be red and black I think. And of couse I would love to win :-)))

  8. I should make it in RED, my color!!!! Or another choice in Japanese fabric, I also am a huge fan of that kind of fabric.

  9. Oooh it is gorgeous, I love the colors you have used they are just my colors so would use similar tones.

  10. great pattern. Would love to go in the draw. I would probably do a patterned flap - applique, stitchery or fancy fabric. Not sure what colours I would use.

  11. Dear Liz,
    this bag is wonderful!
    And, what a kind idea for a Giveaway :O)
    Wishing you a wonderful day,
    big hugs,

  12. I would love to win this pattern and think I would probably make more than one but the first would be in black with just a little bit of bling as I have the perfect dress for it.

  13. Die Tasche ist wunderschön, ich würde sie wahrscheinlich in Blautönen machen. Liebe Grüße Michaela

  14. What a wonderful bag - would love to sew it! Probably in pink ;-)) Thanks for this giveaway! Take care, Frauke

  15. adorable purse you make such beautiful things you are one talented lady.

  16. Sieht ganz klasse aus. Tollen Give Away hast du die ausgedacht. Schwarz mit lilla wäre klasse.

  17. Hi Liz,
    deine Tasche ist wunderschön, sehr elegant!
    Toll, dass du uns ermöglichst es zu gewinnen,
    ich drücke mir ganz doll die Daumen ☺
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Ich vergaß zu erzählen welche Farben...
      -viele Farben, weil ich Farben mag *smile*

  18. The purse is lovely and I would make mine out of either green or purple with cream. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the pattern. Hugs Vicki x

  19. What a great giveaway, I think I would like black and red. A very beautiful bag.

  20. I would love to start with a black one.....then make several for Christmas gifts!!

  21. Hi Liz, das gefällt mir sehr, ich würde die Tasche wohl in olivgrün nähen, mein heimlicher Favorit...
    Danke fürs Verlosen...

  22. I love this bag! I'd make it in green!

  23. I love your bag, using the accent fabric for the flap! I pattern tested, too, and I like your idea of carrying the purse to quilt shows :)

  24. Mrs H's patterns are amazing so I'd love to win this. I think it would look elegant in black, or in any colour really. I'm seeing it with beading...


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