Monday, March 11, 2013

Giveaway & Show off time ....

What could be better then starting the week with a giveaway ??
Winning one !!

First things first....First, you have to know what I'm giving away...
Second, you have to enter....
Third, you have to survive this post ....

By now you know that I am a purse junkie & that I love making them !
I am lucky to be able to test new purse pattern for a couple of wonderful designers. I truly love doing gives me the inside scoop to new patterns, I get to feel important by giving the designer my feed back but best of all I get to make a purse and show it off.

Now comes the show off part....

Samantha " at Home with Mrs. H " designed this adorable Sachet Bag....I am so glad I got to test it since it has turned out to be one of my favorite bags yet.

Let me present ...Audrey 
( I'm calling her that since she reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would carry.... 

The back.....

The side has adjustable buttons incase you need more space...

The inside has a zippered pocket and closes with 2 magnets

The original pattern has an adjustable strap that is attached to the bag....but since I used thick upholstery fabric to make the bag ...there was no way I could make the handle or strap in that material... so I decide to make the strap detachable  ( This way I could have handbag or swing it over my body.) survived the Brag on to the Giveaway part....

Samantha at " At Home with Mrs. H " has been so generous as to let me Giveaway the Sachet Pattern 

If you would like to win the pattern and make your own " Audrey" Bag...just leave a comment here telling me what color you would make it in ??

I want to make another one in red leather ! What do you think ??

I will be picking a lucky winner on 
25th of March !

In case you can't wait to make can buy the ebook pattern at Mrs. H etsy shop 
She is also having a sale ...all 4 of her patterns for 10 GBP

Don't forget to pop over and see the examples the other testers did...amazing!


P.S. For the bag I used upholstery fabric; pleather for the strap, tabs & handle, cotton for the lining and Floor cloths for the batting ( the german girls will know this as " Boden-tücher from Lidl )


  1. Oh, die Tasche ist ja niedlich. Wahrscheinlich würde ich die Tasche in beige oder oliv (Überraschung!) nähen. Aber welchen Stoff? Vielleicht Cord? Oder feste Baumwolle.
    An Leder würde ich mich wohl nicht rantrauen.
    Liebe Grüße Katja(quilt)

  2. Dear Liz,
    Thank you for the opprtunity to win. I also love bags, but often I have difficulties to understand what the designer means: my poor brain...
    I would make this bag in red/white with a polka-dot-fabric and a little bit romantic.

  3. Die Tasche ist wirklich klasse, ich könnte sie mir in knallbunt mit vielen verschienden Stoffen gut vorstellen .... oder in weiss mit viel Spitze oder Rot mit weissen Punkten :)
    l.G. Alexandra

  4. Die Tasche ist der Hammer!!!!!
    In Natur-Tönen würde sie mir am besten gefallen.

  5. Lovely tote! A red leather one would look awesome from this pattern.

  6. Hi Liz, this is realy nice! It reminds me a small doctors bag. I would like it in a rough leather, but I guess my sewing machine wouldn't like that... And I would like it in a nice polka dot (like you background), too. Maybe in this fabric like table clothes are ? (You know what I mean? Those "oilcloth" ?) Or what about jeans??? I am curious to see your red leather version!
    Oh, and let me ask you one tiny question: IS THAT SNOW ON THE 4th PICTURE???
    Have a good night!
    (right now I have read the other posts - seems that this bag HAS TO BE MADE from red-white-polka-dot-fabric!!!)

  7. What a great bag! I'd make it in green, maybe a canvas or corduroy?? with a brightly patterned interior!

  8. Hi Liz,
    I just popped over to tell you that I love your bag.
    Don't include me in the prize draw as I am also one of Samantha's testers.

  9. Good morning Liz,
    this Bag is GEOURGEOUS! I would love to win this pattern ...LOL...
    Really, such a beautiful bag!
    Thank you for this wonderful Give-Away!
    Have a happy day,
    we suck in snow again today......
    Hugs to you,

  10. P.S.
    I LOVE the fabrics you choosed for your Bag AUDREY :O)))

  11. What a great version of the bag you made. If I'm lucky enough to win, I'd make mine using owl fabric from one the many of them in my stash!


  12. Liebe Liz,

    ein tolles Giveaway...eine tolle Tasche....ich nehme gerne daran teil.
    Die Tasche würde ich gerne einmal nähen, wahrscheinlich in blauen Stoffen.

    Sei herzlich gegrüßt

  13. Nicely done. With the top handle it looks like a lunch box. Great idea to make the strap detachable.

  14. Love your version of the bag in the wool fabric/leather look accents. Beautiful work as always.
    I'm intrigued to know more about the Lidl floor cloth batting?
    If I were making the bag I'd like to try it in a dark red needlecord.

  15. I like neutral colors, my go to is brown. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Sorry. In my first comment I forgot to mention the color. So here is my comment again:
    Your bag is so cute. I think the name does really fit. Thanks for the chance to win. I would use purple-colored fabrics.

  18. Hallo Liz,
    die Tasche ist der Knaller.
    Ich könnte sie mir in Rauhleder/Stoff sehr gut vorstellen.
    (In meinem Kopf ist sie schon fertig.)
    Liebe Grüße

  19. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.
    You did a nice job, I like the fabric you chose, and the idea of using a detachable strap is original, I love it. This is a cute pattern it would be nice win it.
    Regarding the colors that I would use to make this bag, I would make this bag in shades of brown, and I'd do the lining of a dark green.
    Have a nice day!
    Marisa from

  20. LOVE the bag!!! it's just too cute :0) i would have it in a pink fabric, maybe a bit pied-de-poule-ish...adorable little bow on the front too!
    sigh...bag-addicted blogger over here LOL

  21. Great bag! I would love to make one in gray or blue leather.

  22. Hi. I just found your blog via Emmaline Bags blog! I would make the bag in a similar fabric you have chosen....It's perfect!

  23. Hi I love your bag, great name because of the fabric. Thanks for given us a chance to win the pattern. I think I would try to make it with wool.

  24. Hallo Liz,

    die Tasche sieht echt hübsch aus. Ich könnte sie mir auch mit den schönen Stoffen von Amy Butler vorstellen, oder auch mit schönen Brokatstoffen mit großen Motiven

    Lieben Gruss


  25. I love your version, it's so elegant! I think I'd probably make one in black with apatchwork flap

  26. What a fabulous bag! :) I'd love to make one out of royal blue! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  27. This is awesome, I like the idea of doing it in a hounds tooth, maybe a pink?

  28. Liebe Liz,
    die Tasche ist so-o-o schön, sehr elegant und in rotem Leder bestimmt königlich.
    Ich möcht sehr, sehr, sehr gerne das Muster gewinnen, und könnte mir vorstellen, dass die Tasche in bunten KF oder Amy Butler Stoffen super schön ist ☺
    Liebe Grüße
    -und vielen Dank für diese Gewinnchance

  29. Hello,
    It would be great to win, because I love bags...
    Thank you for the chance!
    Edit from Hungary

  30. I found you through the bag hop. What a great bag. I would make it out of a red and white material I have had for ever. Thanks for the chance to win this pattern.

  31. Liebe Liz,

    ich würde die schöne 'Audrey" Tasche gerne in einem beerenton
    nähen...vielleicht klappt es ja

    Grüße aus Deutschland

  32. Das ist ja mal eine tolle Tasche! Die Rorm ist sehr schön, sehr weiblich.
    Ich würde die Tasche in natur-beigen grob gebwebten Stoff, vielleicht Glencheck nähen.
    Passend zu einem Kostüm oder Hosenanzug.
    Vielen Dank für diese tolle Aktion!
    LG Marle

  33. I love this little bag and would like to win the pattern!!
    I think it would be nice in jeansfabric maybe with some nice light pink polkadot buttons.
    You can't have enough bags right?
    Love from cold Holland,

  34. Love your Audrey bag! So many fabric possibilities and colours. I might make a green bag for spring - but we don't know if spring is going to actually happen in Canada this year!

  35. Your satchel bag is gorgeous! I love the pleather tabs and strap and handle! Is it hard to sew? Did you make button holes in it on the sides?




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