Monday, July 1, 2013

Home Sweet Home Create Along - 3rd Quarter

I can't believe half the year is already gone and we are starting into our 3rd Quarter of the Home Sweet Home Create Along !

I just had a look at all the beautiful  things you all have made for your kitchens ( 2nd quarters topic) case you haven't looked at what the others have here will be impressed.
*Don't forget it is never to late to add your picture to the list..."better later then never".

For the 3rd quarter the room we have to "create"  something for is the  " Bedroom or Office "!
I know a lot of you are heading off for your holidays or the nice summer weather ( not ours) is keeping you away from your sewing room but you have 3 months to make something.

So here come some ideas for the Bedroom ...
Needless to say...Pillows, quilts, shams...anything that makes the bed pretty goes !
You can hang new pictures, sew a curtain, you can even hook a rug if you like....but here are a few smaller ideas.

....every girl has tons of this and not enough space to store !

How about these ideas ???
Isn't this a pretty Jewelry holder  ?
This a clever way to use those old tea cups ??
 Love this idea...wish I had more wall space.

No bedroom would be complete without slippers...I love these crocheted one...incase anyone is interested I take size 40 or 8 US !
Unfortunately this is not a free pattern...
But I found these that look similar ...
Or these adorable Booties.... I don't knit or crochet but I couldn't stop looking at all the adorable FREE designs...

For the sewers...there's these Slippers....

The funniest idea for Slippers I found were these...actually they work for any room in the house ...
....Make pair and put it on your teenagers'll have a clean house in no time ! LOL

What else can we use in our bedrooms??
...a Bed caddy
or Bed pockets...for those that have lots of stuff !

If you read in bed like I do could use a magnetic bookmarker...
It doesn't get any easier then this one !!

If you feel like sewing ...How about a Bed scarf ??

Thats all the ideas I have right now for the bedroom...if you have an, let me know.

If you bedroom is perfect and doesn't need anything ...then maybe your office does ??

This Fabric Boxes can be used for Bedroom or Office...depends on where you need them...

If your mail is all over the house about a Mail sorter ??
 Or a nice new Bulletin Board ...

I know your going to want t make one of these..a Mousepad !!
This free pattern is German, English & Dutch !

or this one...
this one is super easy & know I picked it because it is pink!

What about some Cable Keepers??
Here come fun silly ideas ! 

WOW...that is a lot of ideas...did anyone make it all the way down here ??

I hope this inspires you and you found something you would like to make for your Bedroom OR Office ...the choice is your ( you can do both rooms !)?!
Now I am off to go for a walk with Max...the sun is finally shining !
Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians !! 

If anyone has any other ideas or links...let me know and I'll post them :-)


  1. So many good ideas. I was organizing my room today and just before I saw this post was wondering how to tackle all the wires from my computer so I think the cable keepers will be my first project. I wanted to post in the last quarter but had loads of trouble getting on.

  2. Hey Liz,
    seems to me your calendar is not ok - there is no hint here for being JULY (neither the missing summer outside nor my feeling (I feel like march - maximum...)
    I sewed a shopping bag, but I can not show it yet (it is a present for my sons teacher. I will link it later...
    Have a nice day!

  3. Du hast so viele Ideen zusammen getragen, da finden die Damen bestimmt etwas Passendes.

  4. Tolle Ideen wieder, liebe Liz...da ist bestimmt etwas passendes dabei!

    Schöne Sommerzeit und liebe Grüße

  5. Super Ideen,bin begeistert.Besonders vom "Bed-Caddie".

  6. Hallo Liz,
    da wird die Wahl ja wieder zur Qual! Ich werde sicher etwas für mein Büro nähen, dort sieht man noch gar nicht, dass mein Hobby das Nähen ist, dort gibt es bisher nur PAPIER und keinen STOFF - wie öde. Toll, dass Du uns anspornst und vorwärts treibst, das Vierteljahr ist schneller um, als man denkt.

  7. Hang on, what?! Who stole THREE months of my life? I had such grand plans for the kitchen.....Oh well, there's always next year...onto the office & bedroom :D

  8. Dear Liz,
    oh my god, what ideas, some are crazy, some made me laugh. I think everyone is going to find the unique thing to create. Thank you for voting me as a friend for the giveaway at victorian motto sampler shoppe.
    Have a good time and until soon



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