Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Convertible/Reversible Bag Blog Hop & GIVEAWAY day

by now you have had a seen a few different versions of Sarah's Convertible /Reversible Bag it is my turn to proudly present my version of the 4 in 1 bag !
I can't tell you how happy I was to be included in this blog hop and to sew this bag.
It intrigued me!!
Normally when I look at a bag pattern I have a feeling of how it is going to be sewn...but I have to admit when I looked at this bag I had NO idea how it was going to come together ...I was really curious how Sarah instructions were going to get me to make 4 bags into 1 !!

Well she did it !!
And it was way easier then I expected...all the pre-sewing fear was unnecessary....As long as I followed the directions there were no problems...OK, one seam gave me trouble but thats because I used leather and I was being super picky ! ( and didn't read the instructions right but don't tell!)

There is a lot of cutting involves but surprisingly you don't need a lot of one fabric ...4 different kinds work great.
Basically I stuck to the pattern instructions, except I used leather and upholstery fabric on one side ( which is not recommended by Sarah) and I omitted the interfacing for them...otherwise it would of been to thick. ** if you do break the rules like I did...make sure your pleater or upholstery fabric isn't the super thick kind.. thinner is better!**
The one thing I did different is that I only made one strap...this way I could change my purse without having to have the second strap handy...I would recommend making the strap from a color that matches both sides....
.....enough sewing info.....on to the pictures!!!

This is the perfect bag for have 4 bags in 1 at all times!! Your ready to go everywhere! ( if you could only do that with shoes!)

Let me try and explain this cool bag.... Lets say your going into town and you only need a little run around bag...this is perfect....Bag #1
I love this funky fabric
.... while your out shopping,  you pick up a few things so you need a little bigger problem...unzip the top...pull the lining up a bit to create a higher bag. Viola Bag #2 !!!
Now you decide your not in the mood for fun & funky want a different problem...turn the whole bag inside out and viola ...Bag #3 !!
In case you don't want to see the magnets that you will need of Bag #4.....Sarah even came up with a clever idea for that...Magnet buttons! can find instructions on how to make them HERE .....and they were also easier then I thought ! Just make sure you let the glue dry over night before you put them on the bag...learn from my mistakes!
Now comes the 4th want to go out for a nice problem ...push the top part of bag #3 nicely down into itself...creating a clutch ( remove the magnet buttons if you made them...
.......Viola Bag #4
Is that not the coolest bag you have ever seen!! 
I was totally amazed !! 
I love it.
I would like to thank Sarah for including me in this blog hop, for being super patient with all my questions and for all her generosity!
Thank you!!

If you can't wait to make your own 4 in 1 bag...Sarah is giving you 25% off the pattern till August 2, 2014
Click on the icon ...the discount coupon code is : "bag tour"
Grab a coffee and hop over to Vicky & Sarah !...I'm also off to see what their bags look like ! 
Happy Hopping !
Now its time to enter the giveaway...good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
MONDAY, June 28th:

Maria  @  Mia Creations
Niki Stringer @ Roonie Ranching
Alyssa Carrion @ Calm and Carri On 

TUESDAY, June 29th:

Lynn Potts @ Pottscrafty
Marilyn Brandt @ Shades of Bold 

WEDNESDAY, June 30th:

Vicky Myers @ Vicky Myers Creations
Sarah @ Cosy Nest Designs
and !! Liz @ MOMENTS

THURSDAY, June 31st:

Judith Clauss @ Judith Stitches
Kathy Hennessy @ Handmade Dress Haven

FRIDAY, July 1st:

Jonie Brooks @ Knot Sew Normal
Lorena Rey @ My Way of ....
Bethany Rapp @ Sweet Bee Buzzings


  1. What can I say, it's beautiful. I love the printed side. Got your red in eventually.

  2. Good morning Liz,
    your Bag is great! Love the fabrics you chooesd, ant this Bag really is like a miracle ;O)
    Happy day!

  3. I like purple so if I was making me one, then it would more than likely be purple or owl fabric or purple owl fabric haha


  4. Beautiful, Liz. Great explanation of the 4 bags...not so easy to do.

  5. This is an amazing bag, I would like to make it in red and teal. x

  6. Liz, your bag looks amazing. I LOVE the cute print. We have similar tastes in fabric. It is missing the red polka dots though.

  7. Liz, I love love your bag, I love those fabrics !!! You did a great job

  8. Fab bag and a great post, Liz! Thanks!

  9. Liz you always have the coolest looking fabric. I love that first bag with the woman's face. Do you buy all your fabric locally where you live or?

  10. Love the bags. I would want mine in red and teal.

  11. I love your bags! I would probably do a pink/purply floral or maybe red and gray :)

  12. I would make mine in black and a rose floral. Thanks!

  13. Love your clever bag!! My daughter would absolutely beg you for it!! lol (she is 36!)

    I would make my bag in a cool paisley I have..and probably a solid red to go with daughter will snatch it too! lol She loooves cool bags! giggle

  14. Wow! I really can't believe that this is a 4 in 1 bag!! really amazing, and your version is fantastic, you chose very pretty fabrics, I love the greys and black!!! I would do it in this shades too!!

  15. Love the fabric choices! They really make the bag!

  16. I love the print fabric you used! It's awesome. Actually I like all the fabrics. And I really like your example about shopping and suddenly needing a bigger bag. This bag is amazing, and your version of it is great!

  17. I think I'd make this bag for a friend who likes bright colours so maybe yellow and orange.
    jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com

  18. While I usually use alot of purples I see this bag in blues

  19. Thank you so much for the chance! I would like bright and fluo colors mixed with jeans ^_^

  20. I think I would use Tula Pink fabrics so the color depends on what prints I choose

  21. I'd use black, grey texture and something bright-maybe pink or turquoise.

  22. Fabulous bag Liz!
    I'd use maybe teal and grey???

  23. Great bag!! :) I'd love to make one with grey & teal geometric print on one side & red on the other side. :)

  24. I would like to make the bags is a light green with some leafs in different autumn colours.

  25. I'd make it either a teal or red

  26. wow. this is gorgeous. love the fabrics you used.



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