Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quick felt baskets...

This week I was shopping at my favorite discounter ( Aldi) and they had these rolls of felt table runners on I grab 2 ....felt is always good to have!
I had no intention of using them as table runners ....instead I started cutting and made these little baskets !

These are super duper easy. !!!!
....The felt runner is 6" I cut a piece 8" x 6" from the red & from the white felt.... cut the red piece down the center  ( so you have 2 - 3" x 8" pieces) stitch a design on one piece...great time to use some of the fun stitches on your machine...
Now ZigZag the red strips to the edges of the white ones... 
Fold right sides together....stitch the side seams closed ( 1/4" )
Turn inside out...fold the corner to make box corners...I marked it approx 3/4" 
 ...stitch on your marking....trim point ....
 ...turn right side out...fold red strip down to make cuff.....
 ...viola...before you know it you can't stop making them!!!
Fill them with chocolates or other goodies you have a cute little gift!

Now I need ideas for the rest of the felt ?? 
Happy sunday sewing !


  1. Very cute. You're busy with felt baskets as I am with wallets LOLL

  2. Hi Liz,
    they are sooooooo nice!
    At the moment I do not have any ideas for the felt rests... i will think about ;O)
    Happy new week to you,

  3. Dear Liz,
    well done and so clever...
    Very nice results.
    Have a good week and until soon.

  4. Replies
    1. Just had a thought, you could fill one with nuts to help you remember us bloggy friends :)



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