Saturday, February 15, 2014

Skill BOM ...tip

I was working on my blocks last night and I thought I should share a tip with you  ( just in case your sewing along with me ...Katja & Bente :-)

For the record, I am not a spray starch girl. The smell always made me gag but when Alyssa highly recommended using it for the Skill Blocks I thought... "don't be stubborn.. try something new!"
I am so glad I did. To my great surprise I found spray starching the fabrics made a huge difference, especially since I am using Omas damask bed linens that tend to slip all over they place.
The fabrics are nice & stiff like a board, they stick together better and they slip through the machine line butter.
So if you haven't tried spray starching your fabrics...try may be surprised !

For those that are into "natural homemade" can make your own spray starch...I found this recipe and gave it a try.
It was super easy and works great ( on one of my hubbys dark shirts I noticed it left spots ...maybe I didn't shake it enough but on everything else ...super!

**For the german readers ...Cornstartch ist Speisestaerke ...ich habe Mondamin benutzt...das ist was ich hatte zuhause ...1.5 EL plus 500ml wasser...das was!!
I also pieced the next two blocks together...I was in a piecing mood. I have to work up to machine quilting them...maybe a bit of wine would help ??
The Em Dash block
 The Mood block

Does anyone recognize this fabric...It is super old !! From Ikea ! Goes to show you how long it has been sitting in my cupboard !
 How are your blocks coming along ??
Send me a picture or your blog know I'm nosy!!
Happy Sewing !!


  1. Danke für den Tipp, ich werde es beherzigen und ausprobieren.

  2. Hi Liz, good tips, I have both things at home ... the Spray, anc cornstarch ;O)
    Happy evening to you,

  3. Thanks for sharing this tips, I've never worked with this stuff before, but now I will.
    I' m not in the mood to free motion quilt yet, hopefully soon...
    But first I have to piece the blocks, yours looks great!



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