Friday, March 21, 2014

Katja's iPad....

Since my Muse is still missing... I hope she comes home tonight is suppose to rain and I would hate for her to get all wet and be grumpy... besides my Hubby has to work tomorrow which means I can sew all day.....I really need her by then!!

In the mean time I will show you another birthday gift I made in February....

You may remember that awhile ago I had a Giveaway for an iPad cover ..... my friend Katja left the comment that if she won I would have to give her an iPad to go with the cover since she didn't have one....I knew right away what I would make her for her birthday gift....

I made her a cover for " iPad wanna be's" 
.... I made the cover smaller then the original iPad cover so it would fit an A5 notepad...
I printed a picture of a iPad and placed it on iPad wanna be !
I even added alittle "bling bling" 

I would of loved to have given her a real iPad but I haven't picked the right 6 numbers in the Lottery yet !  
Maybe next birthday Katja ???


  1. Lovely gift and love how you thought of printing out an ipad to put inside.

  2. Das ist ein tolles Geschenk!!!!!

  3. I have an ipad and my birthday is soon :-)
    just joking....

    hope you have a productive Saturday in the rain.....


  4. How great that it can still be used with a real paper notepad too! One day she will have she iPad too.

  5. Haha too funny. What a good idea to make her an I-pads ancester haha.



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