Friday, April 25, 2014

Somebody please save me .....

I have gone nuts !!
I need to be stopped!!

Since my Sewing-Muse left me, I have turned to decluttering our home!!
I am rearranging rooms, giving away furniture, tossing things out!!
Cleaning as I go!!
This is not normal!!
This has to stop!! 
Decluttering is good but this is never ending !!!
I never realized how much "stuff" we ( I ) have !!
Do we really need it all ?? ( I do!)
Where did it come from !!
Help !! 

Somebody please come over and slap me back into my senses ...this decluttering has to stop !
I really need to get back to sewing...
maybe I'll order a book, that always helps !
Lost in my chaos!!


  1. Hi Liz,

    oh, I feel with you! I know, when you start decluttering you never find an end ...LOL.....
    Ok... let me try ::::::: STOP ist now and go back to your sewing machine !!!! ...;O)

    Wishing you a happy weekend,

  2. I keep sewing all the time and I can't get my spring cleaning and decluttering spirit to visit. Probably something in between what I am doing and what you are doing would be nice. Does that exist???

  3. You are so great on writing posts. Very funny! I think when we start decluttering is just part of nature (just like I told Maria) since we want to sort of restart. But if you are just stuck there....umm. Hey, snap out of it. Your fibro is not going to like it. Your great sewing machine needs you. SEW, woman, SEW!!!

  4. Hey Liz, just call me. I love it to declutter. :)

  5. Hi! How about if you set the oven timer, 30 mins for decluttering, or whatever. When it dings, STOP what you are doing, period.
    Go to your sewing room, find a UFO. Open it up. Set the timer again, say for 30 mins to start. Go thru the UFO, separate what you have done.
    Find something you can sew together, a seam, a block, etc.
    Keep going!
    When the timer goes off, stop if you want.
    If you do, go back to the other activity you were doing. Reset the stove timer, again for 30 mins.
    REPEAT between sewing room, cleaning task, but gradually increase the time in the sewing room!
    When you finish a little step, reward yourself with a treat! Food, chocolate, wine, a drink, etc!
    The more you are in your sewing room, the more rewards you will get and it will feel good again.
    Soon you will not want to leave it, Celebrate that too!
    This should take less than 1 week....
    Good luck! Take care, Leslie

  6. How about you come here and declutter my house, while I sit and eat chocolates and sew and talk about projects that might inspire you? No ? Lol! Nothing whispering while you declutter? (Those shirts could become bunting, those napkins could become a bag, those jeans could become a quilt / pot / rug, that chair could be painted / decopaged with fabric ...?)

  7. Hei Liz,
    was ist da los??? Vielleicht solltest Du zwischendurch mal was anderes machen wie eine Täschchen nähen oder das Häkeln lernen?
    Und ich weiß Du machst wunderschönen Schmuck, das hast Du doch auch schon länger nicht mehr gemacht.
    Schluß mit der Räumerei, werde wieder kreativ!

  8. Ach Liz,was machst du denn!!!!!!?????
    Du sollst NÄHEN (lach)



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