Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Faux leather ......

has become very popular lately.

I find myself using it more & more in my bags; so much so that Sara of Sew Sweetness noticed me using it a lot when I tested her patterns...she asked me to do a guest post on her blog about Faux leathers...be sure to pop over and read all about it. *here*

Once you have done that...come back here and I'll be doing a few tutorials on how to make your own handles...We all can use faux leather handles in our bags...

Let start with a easy one......the usually folded type of straps like I used on this bag...
We all know how do these straps out of fabric. With Faux leather it is basically the same procedure but we can't iron Faux leather to get a flat edge..this is how I do it....

....Cut your strap the width your pattern says.....with a pen mark a line down the middle of the width of the strap.
......fold the edges in toward the middle, using Clover clips to hold it n place.
* I love clover clips ...a must in any sewing room!
Fold it again in half

I set my needle position a little to the left (personal choice here)..and my stitch length to 4.0 ...I used a Schmetz Universal #90/14 needle ... a 50 wt thread in top & bobbin....
Be sure to hold your thread at the start or use a scrap piece as a leader...otherwise you get this!
 Sew down one side of the strap....the clips are holding it together .. ...pay attention that everything lines up nice & straight.
.... sew down the other side
Viola ...beautiful easy handles!!

The second version is this kind..the strap is only folded 3 times making it less thick...good for those thicker faux leathers.
....draw a line a third of the width of your strap...fold the top down to the line..
then the bottom part up...
Stitch down the clipped edge first ...then down the other side.

This type of strap has a raw edge but requires less faux leather and is not as thick as the above version...

A third easy version is this one. 
But I will post about it on Thursday otherwise this post will get to long and I am sure you are itching to get to your sewing machine and play with a bit of faux leather.

If you have any questions or problems...feel free to ask me...I will try and help you as best as I can!

 Happy Sewing !!


  1. I usually make the tri-folded kind of strap. These serial post about faux leather are very useful, thank you Liz



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