Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Faux leather - handles 2

today I am going to show you another version of easy handles.
This technique is good to use when the faux leather is thick and folding it 3-4 times would be torture for you & your machine ....or when you want a thin strap.

This time we cut the strap half the width your pattern says (or double the finished width )

On the backside of the faux leather...I draw a line down the middle. can use double stick tape ( Wonder Tape, Stylefix) but I tend to avoid these when I am making small straps....because if the tape is in the path of my stitching it tends to gunk up my needle...causing me more troubles....if your going to use it be sure it is out of your stitching zone!
Don't foget to remove the paper 
Fold both sides in to the middle...
Or you can do it the "free folding" way...I just fold the edges in to the line as I am sewing. A beginner sewer might want to use the double sided tape.
Stitching both edges down.
You can add more rows of stitching down each side to the middle I did on this strap. This strap is only 1/2" wide, any other technique would of been torute for me & my machine 
 This is also a great technique to reduce the bulk on your side tabs....your machine might love you for it!
.....Or you can do a Zig Zag down the middle...or maybe a decorative stitch
I used it on this bag ...
Another trick the leather makers use is ...they don't sew under the leather ends...they cut it and then paint the raw edge...a permanent marker works great too!

Next week I will show you how to make the handles I used on my lumberjack bag! 

Happy Sewing!!!


  1. Wow...thank you, Liz! Yesterday's post was helpful and informative, but today's is even more so. The type of pleather I use is a polyester/rayon/(some other chemical-type name), and it's fairly easy to sew, but I've kind of dreaded sewing handles or tabs with it. Now I'm looking forward to trying again. I use Wonder Tape with it all the time, and I've never had a problem with "gunking"--but I have had to go back and try to pull bits off the finished bag because they show in the oddest places.

    Thank you for being willing to share this on your blog--I, for one, really appreciate it and I have a new angle to try now!
    Krista :)

  2. Thanks for the great info on sewing with faux leather. My favorite faux leather has been discontinued so I will use your tips yesterday for picking out my new favorite.

  3. Next week's handles might be a good link for the BOMC January pattern!

  4. How clever! I have just found a load of pleather that I'd completely forgotten about - am I brave enough to make something?

  5. Excellent post, thank you for all those useful tips !!!!

  6. Great tips! Thanks for posting, just beginning to use faux leathers.

  7. THANK YOU for your posts on sewing with faux leather. I have been stressing trying to figure a way to not have to fold my pleather to hide the ends and wondering what to do with that raw edge. I've read that some people will paint leather edges, but I wasn't sure that would work here. The permanent marker? Genius! Thank you again, I'm off to read more of your posts!

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  9. You are extremely good. Thank you very much for sharing.



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