Thursday, December 18, 2014

Faux Leather Handles #3

Today I am going to show you how I  make this type of handles...these are super easy!
My handles are 24" long ...actually the tubing part is only 19" since the ends are sewn on the can make these any length you like.

What you need is:

- 36" of 9mm ( 5/16") plastic tubing or rope ( couldn't find 9mm rope so I used 8mm)
- 2 pcs  - 2" x 24" faux leather strips
- Zipper foot
- thick thread
...and sharp scissors...thats it!

I found it interesting that at my hardware store... the plastic tubing in the aquarium department was way cheaper ( 70cents a meter)  then the tubing in the garden department (1.20€ meter) feels the same to me. The rope was approx 1.80€ a makes a softer handle.

 Lets start....make a mark 2.5" from each end of the faux leather strips...this is the beginning /end of your handle.
 ....cut your tubing ( or rope) into 2 pieces can adjust the length here to match your needs...I like a longer handle so I cut them 19".
...Trim the ends of your faux leather to a point ( or a curve) 
 ...Lay the tubing in the middle of the faux leather strip...starting at your marking ....clip it in place. Do not worry if the edges are not 100% even since we will be trimming it off anyways...**it is only important that the ends before the markings are even***
 ...Move your needle position all the way to the edge of the zipper foot....we want the needle to be as close as possible to the tubing ( kind of like making piping !)...stitch length should be 4.0
 ..Start sewing at your mark and stopping at the second mark....remember to leave the ends free and not to back stitch!!!
Viola...your handles should looks like this! lets tie off our threads so they are not in our way...I know some of you will want to just cut the threads off but don't ....this will give you a nicer finish... ..*click* on the picture of a bigger view your marking line ( start and stop of stitching ) ..make a little snip approx. 1(8" from the stitching careful not to cut your stitching !!!
 .. With sharp scissors....trim all of the extra faux leather away between those two snips...I trim it down to about 1/8" from the stitching ...try to cut nice & straight & even! can also trim off the pointy edge.....

Viola ...your handles are done !!!

If you don't like the raw edge of the faux leather showing....
...color the edges with a permeant marker ...the color of your faux leather of course! 

On the end of my handles....I pre-made small holes ( approx 1/8" apart) with my awl...makes it much easier to hand stitch. 
I had no luck machine stitching the handles on ( tubing was in my way) I tried but I just made a mess of the handle and had to remake it) hand stitch it on
***...if you do try to sew it with your machine and it works...please let me know what tricks you used!.. I wanna know! 
You can try using double stick tape to hold the handle tab in place as you hand sew it onto your bag but the tape wouldn't hold on the flannel fabric for me, so I had to carefully pin it on; making sure I used the holes I pre-made with the awl.

Now comes the hard part...hand sewing them on. a back stitch with thick thread ( or double, if using normal thread) to make sure you sew then securely on.
...don't forget to pull your threads to the backside and knot them off before you trim it.

Now, wasn't that easy?? ( except the hand sewing part) 

After the holidays I will show you how to makes these kind of handles & snaps....( can't show you the bag yet, its a secret)

Hope this tutorial was helpful ?!

Happy Sewing !


  1. Good morning Liz,
    this Tutorial is such a great job! It really is very helpful!
    Thank you for all this work, you did for us!
    Have a wonderful 4th Advent-weekend,

  2. That was really useful! Keep them coming! Xxx

  3. SO STINKIN' CUTE! I love it. Very professional looking.

  4. Liz this tutorial is awesome, thank you. What do you use to mark the fabric or leather that little white tool?
    By the way I love your cutting mat.

  5. Thank you very much for sharing . I'll be trying it soon.



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