Monday, January 5, 2015

Faux Leather tutorial #4...

 These are the handles & tabs I made for my "Mary Poppins" bag ( know as The Companion Carpet Bag) The January Bag for the Bag of the Month club.
Making this kind of handles & tabs was way easier then I had expected....

- Faux Leather ( the thicker ones work good here)
- Metal Snaps
- Teflon foot
- thicker thread (50/2)
- Schmetz #90 Universal needle
- Sharp scissors
- Glue Stick
- and your sewing machine of course.
*Optional * Permanent Marker the color of your faux leather

- I am including a handle & tabs pattern  for those those that don't want to draw their *here - Handles* & *here - Tabs"
*** ...please don't sell this is meant as a free tutorial for your pleasure.***

Cut out the pattern....I glued it to a piece of cardboard ( old cereal box) this makes it easier to trace on the faux leather.
           * Now is the time to decide on how long you would like your handles...the original ones are 19" (48cm )( space between the dashed lines) ....I wanted mine a bit longer... so I made them 19.5" (50cm) ...add the length to the middle of the pattern to get the length you wish.

Place your pattern on the wrong side of your faux leather ...trace it...cut it our neatly with sharp scissors.
Place the cut out handle on a roughly cut out piece of faux leather...I used a glue stick in a few spots to hold them together.
... sew approx. 1/8" to 1/4" from the edge ...* don't forget *Do NOT  backstitch...leave long tails to tie of threads later ( see tutorial#3  on how to do this)
It should look like this 
Neatly trim the extra faux leather away....viola ...a handle

Repeat for the second handle...

With my awl...I premade little holes in the ends of the handles...this makes it easier to sew them on.
Now you can decide if you want to leave the edges of the faux leather as they are...
...or use the permanent maker to color them in ( I colored mine in ) careful not to get it on the faux leather...

Snap Tab.....
There are all kind of sizes & shapes of snaps out there...please follow the manufactures instructions on how to install them...
These are the ones I used because thats what I had on hand ..
There are a couple ways to make your tabs...the sewing process is the same as the handles but the placement of the snap has to be decided on first.
If you want snap tabs like these....
... sew the tabs using the technique above and then install the metal snap to both parts.
(if your faux leather is a double layer for the male part also)

If you do not wish see the top of the metal snap like in this tab... have to apply the female snap to the wrong side of one tab ... faux leather wrong sides together, concealing the metal part in the middle of the two faux leathers..
 Add male snap to a piece of faux leather..
 ...lay tab on top ( snapping the snaps together )...trace around the tab on the faux leather...cut out
 ...Don't forget to remake your holes on the bottom snap part....

Viola ...strap & tabs made

Now wasn't that easy???
Experiment with different shapes for the ends of your straps! ( pointy, square, etc)

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial?? 
If there are any other kind of handles you would like me to try ...let me know.
Happy Sewing !!
P.S: If anyone has any trouble downloading the patterns...please let me know ..this is the first time I have tried doing this


  1. LOVE IT! Looks so professional. : )

  2. Oh, this is wonderful, Liz--thank you! I was able to download both pattern files without any problems.

    I'm going to be trying this--I'm not sure if I have thick enough pleather (it's the kind that would make a really nice-feeling faux leather jacket--maybe more like suede), but with a little bit of experimentation and fortification, perhaps it can work. These handles are just the right shape and style that I need! :)

    Thank you again for putting this together and offering it as a tutorial!!! I will keep you posted on how things work out!


  3. I think I may have the same type pleather as Krista, but I am going to give it a try! Thank you!

  4. Liz, you are AWESOME!! I can't wait to try this. That bag looks gorgeous!! I've been dying to make a red bag. :) Thanks so much for working hard on this tutorial!

  5. Thanks Liz - you make it look so easy. Now I just need to source some faux leather and get my courage up to have a go.

  6. You certainly made it look easy Liz. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I'll have to remember this one for future bags.

  7. Wow Liz they look so professional and it looks easy I have to give a try. Thank you for the tutorial

  8. Great Tutorial! I think is not scary any more. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Vielen herzlichen Dank für die vielen tutorials. Sie sind sehr hilfreich zumal ich noch nicht mit faux leather gearbeitet habe und nun damit loslegen kann ohne allzu viel Stirnrunzeln. Dank deiner Hilfe! Ich wünsche dir noch ein frohes neues Jahr!

  10. Great instructions, can I download the courage to give it a go????

  11. Thank you for this tute!! I am going to give this a try! I've had snaps just waiting to be used! Now if I could just find the "courage" download like Benta said!!!


  12. Thanks for the tutorial!!!!! I plan to make some handles!!!

  13. Great tutorial! Can't wait to try making them this way. Thank you for the time you put into sharing this with us!

  14. Hello Liz,
    Do you have PDF version of this tutorial?

  15. I wasn't able to download the pattern.

    1. I have updated the file,you should be able to download it now :-)


  16. Thanks for the information it was a great help for me. best sewing machine for leather



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