Monday, August 8, 2016

Kate..the Carry All Tote..

lately it seems like the only time I manage to post on my Blog is when I have a new pattern coming out. Unfortunately it is true ( pattern writing takes up a lot of my time and any free time I do find I like to spend it sewing, in my garden or with my hubby (not necessary listed in order of importance but not far from the truth! LOL )

A lot of you may not know this but I go to Aqua-jogging 2-3 times a week. I had a basic bag for my towel & co. So I decided it was time to make me a proper swimming had to be water-resistant, BIG, quick to sew ...Kate was born !
As all my pattern it is made of Faux Leather, vinyl tablecloth for the lining and some nylon webbing.
This is a BIG tote...14" H x 24" W x 5" D !! It is perfect to hold all your swimming, beach, picnic or shopping supplies.

I was inspired by the Mondrian design ( color blocking design)  I saw on the British Sewing Bee.  It got me would be fun to make a bag with colorful pieces and it was.
The prototype one was this blue & green version ( those are the colors of faux leather I had in my stash)  and it matched my bathing suit ! Later I ordered the fun yellows, pinks & spring green  for the above one.

 the exterior has a secret pocket ...for dropping your keys or sunglass in ..
..the large interior zipper pocket holds my shampoos, creams & there is also a small slip pocket for my membership card to the swimming hall.
 As you can see...the interior is HUGE ! ..I wanted a big tote I could just drop all my swimming stuff in! ( some of my german readers will probably recognize the lining is photo printed tablecloth that was on sale by Aldi not so long ago...makes a great bag lining !!LOL)
If you would like to make your own Kate Carry All can grab a copy on Craftsy ...the pattern is on SALE for $4.95 only till tomorrow ( RSP$6.95)
This instructions are aimed for sewing with faux leather but I have also included tips for sewing with cotton.  The pattern is classified as an Intermediate pattern ...not due to the difficulty but due to the size ! There is only 1 seam in this bag which means you need room around your sewing table to maneuver !  If you don't believe me...check out Christine's blog post about sewing Kate !
Not a faux leather fan.....Kate also looks great in fabric !
This is made from a combinations of linen, burlap, decorator & upholstery fabrics.
Happy Sewing!!

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  1. A wonderful Bag, Liz!
    Happy summer,
    Hugs, Claudia xo



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